Vietnamese People

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After years of conflict with colonial powers and other foreigners, the Vietnamese are finally enjoying a period of peace and growing prosperity.

Although few people own their own automobile, many have a motorcycle.  The Vietnamese are are well-dressed and appear to be well-fed.  Just about everyone seems to have a cell phone.

Vietnamese People
Family in Saigon, Vietnam

The Vietnamese economy has grown rapidly since economic reforms were introduced in the 1980s.  These reforms transitioned the country from a centrally planned, state controlled economy to one based more on free market principles.

Vietnam's rapid economic growth has been achieved without a massive shift of wealth.  Unlike China, for example, the distribution of wealth remains reasonably equitable.

Many people in Vietnam now have access to the Internet and are quite aware of world events.  Although the democracy movement has growing support, Vietnam remains a one party system that is dominated by the Communist Party.

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